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Greatist Approved Jerky! Bubba is pleased to announce that our Honey BBQ Chicken Jerky made the top ten Greatist Approved Jerky!  Greatist rated jerky on amazing tast, nutritional facts (low in sugar, high in protein), and reasonable price for serving size.  Check out the article on their website at Greatist!


Welcome to Bubba's Diet and Recipe Page!

Is Jerky Healthy? Is Bubba's Carolina Jerky healthy?

The health benefits of jerky are numerous. Most traditional jerky is made from solid strips of steak that have had the fat removed, which is how Bubba prepares his jerky.  This lean meat means that you can add good energy-filled nutrition averaging .5-3 grams of fat per bag. Jerky is very low in carbs. The only carbs come from the minor amount of sugar used in the marinade.  Most of our jerky has 0 or 1 gram of carbs per serving.  If you follow a jerky diet plan Bubba recommends sticking to our beef or chicken.  We love our bacon jerky but it doesn't have quite the same health benefits as our beef and chicken - but have the bacon jerky as an occassional treat - we do!


Jerky is very high in protein. Protein is the building block of muscle and helps the body repair after a good workout. Since lean protein takes more work to burn, jerky can also help raise your metabolism. There can be some things to watch out for when using jerky in your diet. Sodium in many brands of jerky can be very high (but not ours!) having 1600-2000mg per bag. All jerky made by Bubba's Carolina Jerky is marinated and cooked in the old fashioned way to lower the sodium, so our flavors generally have 220 mg or less per serving. When using jerky as a staple of your diet make sure to drink plenty of water and stay hydrated.


Many other brands include preservatives such as nitrate and sodium nitrite. Other additives like MSG can also diminish the healthy benefits of jerky. None of our flavors have any of these problems. All jerky made by Bubba is free of preservatives and unhealthy additives.  No MSG or preservatives!  And our chicken jerky is also gluten free!


Below you'll find our Jerky Diet.  Bubba wants to make sure you are healthy so please consult your doctor and discuss this plan before you start. The jerky diet follows an alternating schedule.


The Jerky Diet


For 4 days a week (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday) eat only beef or chicken jerky. Have about 12-15 ounces of jerky on these days, eating only a few bites at a time, spread out over the course of the day. It’s also a great idea to have several flavors on hand so you don’t get bored with any one taste.

Drink lots of water and add vegetable or fruit juices during your “jerky days.” If you don’t like the taste of vegetable juice, have a banana and consider taking a multi vitamin to ensure you have enough nutrients. During these days, you may want to add extra fiber to boost digestion. A drinkable yogurt (try Dannon Activa or a similar type) can help maintain regularity.

On the other 3 days of the week eat normal meals. Don’t worry about cutting carbs or fat. Just try to choose basic healthy foods and try to eat slightly smaller portions. Eat a lot of vegetables on these days

That's it for the "diet" part.  But as any good  weight loss plan will tell you, there is more to losing weight and getting healthy than just watching your food intake. 

Exercise frequently! A good diet plan is based on taking in less calories than you spend by your daily activity. The rate at which your body burns calories is your metabolism. Instead of 3 intense hour long workout sessions per week, try to focus on 10-15 20 minute sessions (2 to 3 sessions per day for 5 days). As your body gets use to burning calories on a more regular basis, your metabolism will increase and losing weight will be much easier.

Small cardio 2-3 times a day can make a huge difference. Just make sure to get your heart beat pumping faster and try to get a good sweat going!  Like we said, it doesn't take a long time, just 20 minutes a couple of times a day can make a huge difference.

Begin a program of weight training. This doesn’t mean that you have to grunt and groan as you heft hundred of pounds over and over. Just some basic weight lifting that will leave you a little sore the next day. By weight training, you tear down your muscle tissue and your body is forced to rebuild it… stronger. When you add weight training to a diet, the effort it takes for your body to deal with the muscle change keeps it from storing fat. When you have a lower calorie diet like this one, it can actually burn fat to rebuild the muscles. That’s a win-win situation!

Keep busy! How many times have you crashed at the end of the day with a bag of potato chips or a bowl of ice cream? When you unwind and have nothing to do, it’s easy to focus on hunger and cravings. If you try to keep your mind occupied on other things, you can stave off those cravings by basic distractions. Go for a walk, play with your kids, play a video game… Anything that will keep you busy and away from the snacks.

Keep a journal. Record your thoughts and your success but don’t focus on any setbacks. Stay positive and visualize your goals. Start a blog or email us at  We’d love to hear how it’s going and provide support.


There is no magic diet that makes fat disappear. The success or failure of any plan lies in old-fashioned work. Bubba's jerky is a great, healthy way to stay in control of a plan that will help you achieve your goal. Just like any diet plan, the bottom line is that your results will be a direct reflection of the work you put into the program. It can be very difficult, but the outcome is a healthy lifestyle that can last you a lifetime.

Good luck!

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