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Greatist Approved Jerky! Bubba is pleased to announce that our Honey BBQ Chicken Jerky made the top ten Greatist Approved Jerky!  Greatist rated jerky on amazing tast, nutritional facts (low in sugar, high in protein), and reasonable price for serving size.  Check out the article on their website at Greatist!



Thirteen great flavors!

Try them all - Beef Jerky - Kickin', Regular, and Orange, Southern Salsa, Mountain Mesquite, Old West, Country Pepper and Ass Kickin' Hot! Chicken Jerky - Honey BBQ and Wild Buffalo.  And bacon - Sweet Jalapeno and Spicy Sriracha!  And our new HOLIDAY special - Native Cranberry!

Free flosser in each bag!


A True American Product

Bubba's Carolina Jerky is made in the US with only US raised and produced meats. 

Disable Veteran Owned.


We're Growing!

Bubba now has wholesale customers from Key West, FL to Anchorage, AK.  We are so happy for our new clients.  Don't be surprised if Bubba's Carolina Jerky shows up in a store near you!

Sweet Jalapeno Baked Potato

baconpotato.jpgOne baked potato (we do ours in the nuker for 6-7 minutes).  Add butter, shredded cheese, sour cream, and all the Sweet Jalapeno Bacon you want!

Sweet Jalapeno Bacon N Eggs

eggsandbacon.jpgWho says jerky's not for breakfast?  We think it's great in scrambled eggs.  Add a little shredded cheese and you've got yourself one heckuva way to start the day!

Wholesale Pricing Available

Click to contact us for wholesale prices.


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